Spring 2020 Shearing Now Underway

To my wonderful clients:  I am actively shearing this season.  I have not yet completed the schedule for April/May/June but am working assiduously on it.

COVID-19 Statement:

Shearing is a life-or-death matter for animals, especially alpacas.  I’m committed to getting your animals sheared this season.

I am monitoring my health, and will be coming equipped with face mask and latex gloves and plenty of disinfectant.

I know many people are frightened of the virus and may not want any outside contact.  I am trying to arrange a helper for as many farms as possible so that if you are not comfortable coming out to the barn, we will handle the job on our own.  I just ask you to have animals penned in a small area so that I may access them easily.

If you do have a confirmed virus case at your home, please tell me. It will not stop me from coming.  The animals do not carry it, so I will just ask to not have direct contact with you.

I am currently scheduling shearing for spring of 2020.  If you are a new client, please make sure to fill out my request form!

For sheep:  if you are expecting to lamb, please try to schedule shearing at least 3 weeks prior to lambing; otherwise please allow at least 8 weeks after lambing to schedule your shearing date. 


Weekends book up very fast and the desirable dates are very few.  Please try to be flexible in scheduling on a weekday. Remember:  this is a once a year event that is critical to the health of your animal.  Please make time for it.

Rain and Bad Weather

I encourage all farmers to be prepared for shearing on their date no matter the weather.  Obtain inexpensive dog or calf or foal blankets in the event of cold, have fans and good ventilation for animals in barns for hot weather, and please read my article on shearing and rain to come up with ideas for coping with wet weather.

Request a shearing appointment!

Wait!  Before writing a comment on this post, if you wish to ask for a shearing date, please click on the link above which will take you to my shearing request form. I receive these much more quickly!

Comments on “Spring 2020 Shearing Now Underway

  1. I met you at a seminar I gave a year or so ago. You sheared for a client of mine, Tamara, and
    she highly recommended you.
    I have 5 alpacas and 5 sheep that need shearing as well as one from a client.
    We are very flexible as far as timing–pretty much whatever suits you.
    Are you booked or do you think you would be able to shear them?
    Gail Campbell, Ameripaca
    I am located in West River, Md.

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