Request Shearing/Clipping


I appreciate your filling out my request form – it enables me to keep better track of shearing requests in a standardized format. The more information you can provide me, the better I’ll be able to plan for your flock.

I typically will schedule 3-6 farms in one day in a given area, and so any flexibility you can have in terms of schedule is greatly appreciated! The shearing season is relatively short between the time the cold abates and the stuffy heat of summer sets in so it’s very busy!

I thank you for your interest in using my services and hope to talk with you very soon.

Note on areas of service:  I cover most of Maryland, North and Central Virginia, the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia (Jefferson, Berkeley, Morgan, and Hampshire counties only), and the southernmost part of Pennsylvania.  I do not travel to Delaware or New Jersey.

Please note: as of April 1 most weekend dates are fully booked.  We ask that you be flexible in dates and times so that we can get to you before the heat starts.


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